Surviving 30 Years of Isolation – Part 1 by Terry Williams (PA Death Row Inmate AY3626)

I live alone while I survive being in isolation/solitary confinement for 30 years and being incarcerated for a total of 32 ½ years. When I have visitors I must have them in isolation as well. I’m forced to wear an orange jumpsuit and I sit behind a thick glass window on one side while my visitors is on the other. Before I get placed in this room my wrists were handcuffed together in front of me, the cuffs chained to a leather restraint belt around my waist. Unlike the general population prisoners who get contact visits there is no hugging or touching for me unless you count the air hug I give to myself to symbolize hugging my visitor. I was sent to isolation 30 years ago in 1986, after being giving the death penalty. I have not touched a person in society in 30 years and I have not talked to anyone in society without a screen or glass or telephone in that same time span. At one time I was the youngest person in Pennsylvania to be sentenced to death and now I’m one of the oldest and longest residing residents.To live in isolation for 3 decades has been cruel and torturous and violates human rights. No one deserves to live in solitary each day of their lives. I see first hand that the men here suffer all kinds of irreparable psychological and physical harm. I spend 22-24 hours a day locked in a 7 foot by 12 foot cell. and there is a nightlight that stays on for 24 hours each day. Mon., Wed., Fri., are the normal shower days. Five days a week I get to exercise for 2 hours in a cage configured like and looks like a dog kennel but is the size of the average house bathroom. In my cell I have books, television, typewriter, toiletries and cosmetic necessities. This is the first of many installments that will detail my days on death row. Look for more segments to come.

Written by Terrance Williams, August 5, 2017

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